This is the first of many-to-come hand-picked lists of available .in domain names list I will be publishing over the coming months.

These domain names are available at the time of writing this post. If you like a name, go to your favourite registrar (e.g. or and check if they are still available. See if you can grab it before someone else does!

I will also be listing themed lists of available .in domain names such as short brandable names, dictionary one-words, medical or technology domains etc. For now, you will find a good mix of these below. Enjoy!

Available .in Domain Names:

  • – A recruitment focussed blog… maybe? But, unlikely to make you a millionaire.
  • – Dictionary one word domain that can be a brand, name of a movie, game or info website.
  • – This is a brandable dictionary word name that can be used for a game/app.
  • – A type of fish. I personally hate them, but popular on Pizzas for some reason!
  • – Carps are oily freshwater fish, native to Asia and Europe.
  • – A genre of Jamaican pop music. It can also be the name of a club/party venue.
  • –  A highly brandable dictionary word domain name. It definitely sounds like a game to me.
  • –  Yoga Talk is a nice name for a Yoga community forum or app.
  • – Oil Lamps, popular is Asia… a nice niche product name.
  • – Nice brandable name for a clothes shop or for your brandable domain portfolio.
  • – Leasehold refers to a property that you hold a lease to for a period of time.


How are these list of available .in domain names sourced?

Some of these available .in domain names are sourced with the help of a range of tools and lists. For example, dropped domain lists, available domain scanning software and domain analysis tools. Please do your own due diligence before buying anything; check possible trademarks, domain history etc. I would strongly advise you to avoid registering anything that infringes on a TradeMark (TM).

If you decide to register something, please leave a comment below.



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